Catering Services in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn by Halsey Street Grill

Bedford-Stuyvesant (commonly known as Bed-Stuy) in Brooklyn has a myriad of choices when it comes to food catering services. A noteworthy Bed-Stuy catering service is the Halsey Street Grill, a restaurant that serves the best of Brooklyn’s finest soul food and barbeque dishes. You can depend on Halsey Grill’s catering services to help you easily assemble your choice of food preparations on any occasion, from parties and picnics to Sunday brunches and intimate dinners.
Catering with a Flourish
A good, professional catering company will provide you multiple food options found in their menu.  Halsey Grill provides their customers high-quality soul food and hassle-free catering services that ensure your money is well-spent. The restaurant is ready to supply you with a full menu of appetizing pasta and salads, mini dinners, dinners that come with your choice of side dishes, combos, steamed plates, thirst-quenching beverages, and an array of “On the Go” meals.
The restaurant also enables you to mix and match your soul food favorites, offer that home-style cooking that you’re awfully missing, and recommend jerked or honey-glazed options if you’re craving for seafood.
Excellent Menu Options
Halsey Grill will pay attention to all aspects of serving you and your guests more impeccable soul food menu options:
You can have pork chop sandwiches, jerk wings, cole slaw and potato salad catered for picnics; or
have the more sophisticated pepper steak with roasted corn and candied yams for family get-togethers. 

If you’re planning a kids’ party, you don’t have to put up a fuss on preparing their food. The restaurant can easily come up with menus to accommodate children’s needs: fried chicken chunks, hand-cut crispy French fries and a yummy mixed fruit salad can gratify any picky-eating kid. 

High Level Dependability and Quality Service
Halsey Street Grill is ready and equipped to handle everything for you. Preparing food for a special event is easier if you’re able to work with professionals who are willing to listen to your cooking and food preferences and able to assist you with specific needs. Halsey Street Grill’s staff is quick, responsive and dependable throughout the planning process so you will have more time on your hands.
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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